Wednesday, November 18, 2009

CVS deals!

It is being reported that there are going to be several free after extra bucks deals at CVS on Black Friday! I know last year, there was a ton!
Also below is a post from about a coupon to be looking for:

Here is another thing to be on the hunt for at CVS! A little coupon that looks like the image above that is good to DOUBLE your ECBs on one transaction from 11/1-12/15! Now I am sure this is tracked by card so you can only use it once but what a great deal!! You can use this on Black Friday to really clean up.

The ECBs are available to use in January and the coupon states:
“Just present this certificate once at the register between November 1 and December 15, 2009, and your double Extra Bucks will be added to each of your receipt totals. They’ll be available for you to redeem on your first visit in January.”

Also be on the lookout for a 99 cents tag that you can attach to your reusable shopping bag. If you scan it twice I think, you earn $1 EB. You are only allowed to scan it once per day, but if you are there anyway- every little bit adds up!

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