Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Great rebate!

There is a great rebate here
If you purchase 3 qualifying products such as glade, scrubbing bubbles, ziploc- things we normally buy anyway you get a $5 rebate! You also can send in three rebates per household so this is an awesome deal! Now I just need to find my receipts!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Good printables!

There are three different link to take the flu quiz on CVS and get a $5/$25 coupon.
You can use one for each one of your cards!

There are some good coupons at
$0.50 Birdseye veggies that are 50% off at Publix and $1 each at Winn Dixie.
$1 off Starbucks ice cream

$1 off Pillsbury crescent rolls

Thanks to Moneysavingmom!

Target deals!

There are some great Target deals to be had if you are planning a trip
Palmolive Pure and Clear $1.49- $0.75 plus there is a rebate for them making them free after rebate.
Mott's applesauce $1.79- $1.00 coupon =$0.79 each
Magic erasers $2/ 2 pack- use bogo and 2 $1 coupon to make them $0.49 for 2 (2 packs)

Also if you recycle your bags at Target, they will credit you $0.05 per bag! I haven't tried it yet.
There are also many more deals at, and

Proctor and Gamble coupon booklet!

Go here
to sign up for a free P and G coupon booklet. They take forever to come but they have great coupons!

Monday, September 28, 2009

CVS and Walgreens shopping trip!

I went to CVS and Walgreens today to try to find some of the great advertised deals! What an adventure with 3 boys! Well, I survived and I still have my 3 boys plus got some good deals that I want to pass on.
The cashier at Walgreens said that we were only allowed one free deal per item. For example I could only get one Halls cough drops. I spoke with the manager and she let me do it. Underneath the deals, it says one offer so just a warning.
Also the cashier at the Walgreens in Lehigh said there was a problem with the Oral B 1-2-3 toothbrush. The RRs weren't printing so I didn't even try it. The Walgreens in Lehigh is also out of stock of the free chapstick. These deals run all month long so keep looking.

Walgreens- If you get Register Rewards on the Robitussin for example, you can't use it to buy another Robitussin because then your Register Reward won't print. But you can use it to buy the chapstick then use the chapstick Resgister Rewards to buy another Robitussin and so on. Remember also the tax. If your total is $6.99 and you have $6.50 in Register rewards it may not work because of tax so get a candy bar and then pay a little. Who couldn't use a candy bar after shopping?
Gillette Fusion Razor- $4 coupon in newspaper yesterday- pay $4.99 get $6 RRs= $2 moneymaker
Dentek floss picks-$2- $1 coupon- $2RR= $1 moneymaker
Halls cough drops $1- $1 RR= free
Chapstick $2.99- $2.99 RR= free
Theraflu warming fluid 2/$8- $4 Healthy Savings booklet- $4 RR= free
Robitussin To Go- $2.49- $1 newspaper yesterday- $1 RR= $1 moneymaker
Vaseline Sheer Infusion Lotion $6.99- $1.50 coupon- $6.99 RR= $1.50 moneymaker

Bought 1 razor, 2 Dentek floss sticks, 3 Halls cough drops, 1 chapstick, 2 theraflu, 2 Robitussin and 2 Vaseline lotions= spent $13, got $52 worth of stuff and still have $17 in Register Rewards!

At the CVS in Lehigh, the girl let me use the coupon where you buy a Gillette fusion cartridge and you get a free deoderant when I bought the razor. There is another one for buy the cartridge get a free shaving cream.

Tide- $6- $1 coupon in yesterday's newspaper
Dawn Dishsoap- $1- $1 coupon in Home made simple mailout
Bounce Dryer Bar-$4-$1.50 Vocal point or $1 coupon
Buy $25 of the above products and get $10 Extra bucks!
Gillette Fusion razor- $9.99- $4 coupon in yesterday's newspaper- $5 extra bucks= $4.99
I buy the one that is not powered because you get an extra cartridge- Thanks Christina!
Campbells soups- 2/$1- $1/2 coupon= free

I bought 2 razors, 2 shaving creams, 2 deoderants, 3 Tide, 3 Dawn dishsoap, 1 Bounce dryer bar, 4 Campbell soups, 1 pringles= I spent $2 cash and some extra bucks from another purchase ($17 EBs I think) and got $81 worth of stuff and still have $20 extra bucks!

This may all seem a bit of a headache and sometimes it is, but it makes me so happy to know that I can save my family money!
Please email me any questions, I am happy to help!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

More redbox codes!

There are some more redbox codes out. I haven't tried them yet.
Thanks to myfrugaladventures!

Kmart double coupons!

Kmart has double coupons this week. I called the Kmart by Edison Mall and they are having it on all coupons not just the P and G ones. The lady also told me, it's up to $2 so the coupon matchups that are for the $2 coupons won't work. has some great coupon matchups and I am sure that moneysavingmom and couponing101 will have some up soon.
I am looking forward to using my coupons that expire on Tuesday to get some items cheaper than at Walmart! Happy Shopping!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Walgreens and CVS deal!

There are some great deals at Walgreens and CVS this week. There are 7 free products at Walgreens after Register Rewards plus some have coupons to make them moneymakers.
There is a complete list at
There are also some great deals at CVS! Remember that many of our coupons are expiring on the 30th so you may want to plan to go early in the week.
The free products at Walgreens are all month long so don't worry if they are out of stock.
There are also 3 coupon booklets in this Sunday's paper so it might be a good idea to buy multiple newspapers. Holley also said that the Naples newspaper is only $1 and has the same inserts.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Free Redbox rental!

There is a new free redbox code! It is 9HB6MP22.
I used it tonight and it works. Remember you can use the code for every credit card you have! Monsters vs. Aliens is coming out on Tuesday and I am looking forward to watching that with my boys.
Sorry I could not find an expiration date!

More Walgreens deals!

I went to Walgreens today and found some great deals.

I bought 5 cans of Campbells soup for $0.39 each with the $1/2 manufacturer coupon and $0.89 each in store coupon!
Gift bags for $1 each
Two Children's Benadryl ( never know when you will need them)- used 2 $1 man. coupon plus get $5 RR.
Sensodyne Pronamel for kids- $3.49- use $1 manufacturer coupon plus $2 Walgreens Sept. booklet to get them for $0.49 each!
I also read that there is a deal on the Roots of Nature Shea Butter Green Tea Reconstructing Deep Treatment UPC 75285003626. It costs $1.74 and you are supposed to get $6 RR making it a moneymaker. I couldn't find it, though. so I don't know if it works or not.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

CVS deals for week Sept. 27- Oct. 3!

The CVS deals are posted on, and there are lots of deals this next week!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Target trip!

I went to Target today and have heard that there are $1.50 coupons in the new Glade tins. I have looked but never found them until today! I am sure I looked like a goon opening all the tins, but hey it was for a deal. I was so excited to find 5 coupons! The tins are also on sale until Saturday for $1.66 a tin. To add to the deal we have a coupon for a free refill pack of scented oil if you buy a tin. So I bought 5 Glade tins ( great gift ideas), 2 scented oil refils, 1 Tide stain remover for $2.50!

Great deals at Walmart!

Couponing101 has some great deals at Walmart including free honey bunches of oats when you print the online coupon!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Free 28 day supply of Olay!

You can go to and sign up for a free 28 day supply of Olay Pro X Wrinkle Smoothing cream. Also of you haven't signed up for Vocalpoint, this would be a great time. They send you free samples in the mail on new products and coupons for free products!
Another good program to sign up for is the General Mills Psst Program which does the same thing.

Great CVS coupon!

There is a printable $5/ $25 coupon here after you take the flu survey.
There is also a $100 coupon booklet floating around, but the closest CVS that has it is Wellington. None in our area!
Thanks Money Saving Mom!

Reminder: Last day for sale chicken at Sweetbay!`

Today is the last day for the 99 cents a pound chicken at Sweetbay! I bought 10 packages last night. I think that is 40 pounds and removed the bones and skin. I bought so many trying to plan ahead for the progressive dinner in October since it may be a while before the chicken goes on sale again!

Shopping trip!

There are some great deals at the grocery stores in our area! I also went to Walgreens and CVs yesterday. The Air wick air fresheners are sold out in Lehigh, but you can also get a rain check for them since they don't have register rewards. Then you have 30 days to get them. I bought the Tylenol cold products 2/$12 minus $4 in man. coupons and $2 off the Healthy Savings booklet minus $5 in register rewards. The box I bought has day and night tablets which is going to be a blessing now that cold season is here!
There is a free Colgate tooth brush at CVS. Look for it in the travel size section. The toothbrush costs $1 and you get $1 Extra bucks!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Walgreens and CVS deals!

Sorry I didn't get this out yesterday! You can find the complete list of deals several places but I really like couponing101's.
A few things I am going to get are
Oral B Indicator Toothbrushes $2.
Buy 2, earn $2 RR
Use the bogo coupon and get them both free after RR.

Tylenol Cold products $5.99 each
Buy 2, earn $5 RR
Use 2 coupons from and 2 $1 coupons from the Walgreens Healthy Booklet (found by the phamacy)
After coupon and RR, 49 cents each!

Air Aick I motion $6.99
Use the $6 coupon and get them for 99 cents! I love air fresheners!

The Sally Hansen nail color is bogo through Tuesday only. If you use two 50 cents coupon and you find some that are 99 cents, you will get two free!

Happy Shopping!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Great deal on Taste of Home!

There is a great deal going on today only! If you go to, you can get a one year subscription to Taste of Home for only $2. You can sign up for 4 years. This also would make a great gift!
Thanks to CouponClippinMomma!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Winn Dixie Deals

There are some great deals at Winn Dixie this week. I found a great website She has all the deals and coupond matchups. There are also some great deals at Publix this week. I will post my shopping adventures.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sweetbay chicken sale!

I hope you all noticed that chicken breasts are $0.99 a pound at Sweetbay this week. They are the bone in breasts but Christine gave me a great idea which is to remove the bone and skin and wala a skinless, boneless, chicken breast which is $2.50 a pound even on sale!


I went to CVS today and got the Air Wick Freshmatic Compact Motion air freshener for $0.99. There are no limit on these and I have 5 coupons that are $4 off. I love air fresheners and with 3 boys and my husband, they are a need at my house. Remember if they are out of stock, you can get a rain check which never expires so you could even save it until you get some more coupons!


There are lots of great freebies and money makers at Walgreens this week. A few things I am going to get is
Triaminic Night UPC 300436344045 which is 2/$10. If you can find the Healthy Savings Booklet, you can use 2 $2 off coupons. If you get the right ones, you should get 2 $5 register rewards making it a $4 money maker.
The Walgreens big roll- 1,000 Toilet Tissue 2/$1 plus in ad coupon will come out free. There are also some other deals at

Monday, September 14, 2009

Great Luvs coupon!

There is a $5/1 Luvs coupon available tomorrow. I will post that it is up as soon as I see it! You can go ahead and sign up today so you can sign in quicker tomorrow at

The coupon is there! When you sign in to your account, check the box where it says the $5 coupon and then they will mail it to you.


There is a great deal going on at If you sign up for a new account, you will get 50 free prints. Also there is free shipping with code FREELABOUR until Sept. 16!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Swag bucks is a great program. It is free to sign up and you use it as a normal search engine like google, etc. but you also earn swagbucks which you can redeem for gift cards and even cash through paypal. If you sign up for the first time at
you automatically get 3 swagbucks. Let me know how it goes!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Walgreens and CVS deals starting tomorrow!

The new deals are out!
Something I am gettting at CVS is Colgate Total Toothpaste which costs $2.99 and will give you $2.00 EB. There is also a printable coupon at which will make it free!
The complete CVS ad can be found at -thanks to Hot Coupon World.

I am also looking forward to trying the True North Nut Chips or clusters that are $3 at Walgreens this week and you get $3 in Register Rewards. Plus there is a printable coupon at which will make it a $1 profit! Remember that you can print two coupons per computer from that website. Also when checking out remember that you can only use one coupon or register reward per product. And since you can print two coupons remember that you want to do two transactions since if you buy two bags together, the computer will only give you $3 RR not $6.
The Walgreens ad can also be found at thanks to Hot Coupon World.

Stephanie at has some more great coupon matchups and scenarios!

I enjoy making my list and planning what I am going to buy on Saturday. It helps Sunday and Monday go smoother. Happy couponing!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Printing coupons!

Have you ever found an awesome coupon and then had trouble printing it? I sure have. Please read this article by couponing101 which helped me out so much.

Target Coupon Policy!

Moneysavingmom has some great coupon matchups each week for Target, but sometimes I have trouble getting the cashiers to accept the coupons. Target has put their coupon policy online and you can print it here
Then if they ever give you a hard time you can show them this. I think it is going to be very hard to argue with this, but we'll see. I've met some pretty difficult cashiers.
Thanks to Crazy Coupon Lady.

Coupon database

I recommend the website which is a database for coupons. You can search for a coupon that you need and if there is a printable one available, you will find it there.

New to shopping at CVS?

If you are new to shopping at CVS, here are some helpful tips. It may sometimes seem like a headache, but it is really worth it. I get my toothpaste, razors, shampoo, air fresheners at CVS for 50 cents or sometimes free.
1. Make a list before you go. Buy a product that will give you extra bucks then buy another product with those extra bucks. Do multiple transactions so you are not stuck with $30 in extra bucks.
2. Extra bucks is credit at CVS that prints out on your receipt. You can use it to buy anything else at that store.
3. When using your extra bucks, remember that sometimes you'll have to pay for tax.
Ex. Shampoo 4.99- $4.99 extra bucks- may not work- get a pack of gum or ask them to price adjust the coupond for the total and then pay a few cents in tax.
4. Remember practice makes perfect. Don't give up if it doesn't work the first time.

Lots of coupons in this Sunday's paper!

There are supposed to be five inserts in this week's paper- 3 smartsource and 2 redplum. It would definitely be a good idea to buy multiple copies!
You can go here to see a full list of the coupons that will be available.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner

The Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner is on sale at Walgreens this week. It costs $10 and you get $3 extra bucks. There is also a $5 coupon at$iSNe6&om_mid=_BKp5j5B7u2xb1A.
That ends up costing $2 after the coupon and register rewards.

Beware, though, when going to Walgreens. There coupon policy is very weird. You are only allowed one coupon or register reward per item so what I do is grab a pack of gum just so I have two items.

Also many Walgreens are out of it since it is such a good deal so I would call before you go to make sure they have it.
Visit for some awesome deals she just posted today including
$3 off $6 or more purchase at Boston Market
Boost Kid Essential bogo and $5 off coupon

Also there are some new printable coupons at
I am excited to get my free diapers tomorrow. If you are interested call Quest Diaper Study at 1-888-342-7372 ext. 634
There are a few forms to fill out but hey, it's free diapers! Who couldn't use some of those.

Publix deals

It's Thursday and new deals are available for Publix supermarkets.
Some deals I am excited about are the TGI Fridays frozen meals and the Planters Trail Mix. Please visit for all the deals and matchups.