Monday, October 5, 2009

New CVS and Wlagreens deals Oct. 4-10!

You can find a complete list on
I bought the diapers and pullups at CVS today! They are $8.99, plus I have been able to use a $3 off Pure and Natural coupon plus a $2 pullup coupon which makes each pack of diapers $3.99. In addition to this, I made three different transactions each with a $5/$25 coupon. So I bought 3 packs of diapers, 6 packs of pull ups and it cost around $21, but I only spent $4 cash since I had some extra bucks. There is a limit of 3 packs. I bought four in one transaction, and still received the sale price of $8.99!
The Revlon nail polish is also at a great price- FREE if you have the $1 off coupon. There is also a limit of 6!

At Walgreens, the best deals I saw was the Purell which is out of stock at our Lehigh Walgreens, te Trident gum which is supposed to be free, and the Coffeemate Creamer which is $0.50 each after the $1 coupon at! I also looked around for the items that are supposed to be free after register rewards the whole month and they are all sold out at the Lehigh Walgreens!

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