Monday, September 28, 2009

CVS and Walgreens shopping trip!

I went to CVS and Walgreens today to try to find some of the great advertised deals! What an adventure with 3 boys! Well, I survived and I still have my 3 boys plus got some good deals that I want to pass on.
The cashier at Walgreens said that we were only allowed one free deal per item. For example I could only get one Halls cough drops. I spoke with the manager and she let me do it. Underneath the deals, it says one offer so just a warning.
Also the cashier at the Walgreens in Lehigh said there was a problem with the Oral B 1-2-3 toothbrush. The RRs weren't printing so I didn't even try it. The Walgreens in Lehigh is also out of stock of the free chapstick. These deals run all month long so keep looking.

Walgreens- If you get Register Rewards on the Robitussin for example, you can't use it to buy another Robitussin because then your Register Reward won't print. But you can use it to buy the chapstick then use the chapstick Resgister Rewards to buy another Robitussin and so on. Remember also the tax. If your total is $6.99 and you have $6.50 in Register rewards it may not work because of tax so get a candy bar and then pay a little. Who couldn't use a candy bar after shopping?
Gillette Fusion Razor- $4 coupon in newspaper yesterday- pay $4.99 get $6 RRs= $2 moneymaker
Dentek floss picks-$2- $1 coupon- $2RR= $1 moneymaker
Halls cough drops $1- $1 RR= free
Chapstick $2.99- $2.99 RR= free
Theraflu warming fluid 2/$8- $4 Healthy Savings booklet- $4 RR= free
Robitussin To Go- $2.49- $1 newspaper yesterday- $1 RR= $1 moneymaker
Vaseline Sheer Infusion Lotion $6.99- $1.50 coupon- $6.99 RR= $1.50 moneymaker

Bought 1 razor, 2 Dentek floss sticks, 3 Halls cough drops, 1 chapstick, 2 theraflu, 2 Robitussin and 2 Vaseline lotions= spent $13, got $52 worth of stuff and still have $17 in Register Rewards!

At the CVS in Lehigh, the girl let me use the coupon where you buy a Gillette fusion cartridge and you get a free deoderant when I bought the razor. There is another one for buy the cartridge get a free shaving cream.

Tide- $6- $1 coupon in yesterday's newspaper
Dawn Dishsoap- $1- $1 coupon in Home made simple mailout
Bounce Dryer Bar-$4-$1.50 Vocal point or $1 coupon
Buy $25 of the above products and get $10 Extra bucks!
Gillette Fusion razor- $9.99- $4 coupon in yesterday's newspaper- $5 extra bucks= $4.99
I buy the one that is not powered because you get an extra cartridge- Thanks Christina!
Campbells soups- 2/$1- $1/2 coupon= free

I bought 2 razors, 2 shaving creams, 2 deoderants, 3 Tide, 3 Dawn dishsoap, 1 Bounce dryer bar, 4 Campbell soups, 1 pringles= I spent $2 cash and some extra bucks from another purchase ($17 EBs I think) and got $81 worth of stuff and still have $20 extra bucks!

This may all seem a bit of a headache and sometimes it is, but it makes me so happy to know that I can save my family money!
Please email me any questions, I am happy to help!

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