Sunday, December 27, 2009

Free Gillette Fusion razor from shoptext!

Thanks to!

There is a great freebie available right now via Shop Text. If you text PRUEBA to 467467 you should get a free Gillette Fusion Razor. This was advertised on Telemundo so it sounds like you might get a message in Spanish. They will text back asking for your age, then your state, then your mailing address and then your razor should arrive in just a few weeks!

If you have a Shoptext account they should already have your address otherwise you will need to provide that. (It is much easier if you register for an account first and Shoptext has great freebies all the time so you might as well. But I would hurry since this promotion will surely end soon!)

Note: This deal is still going on. I just did it. Just follow her directions as posted above but the third text asked me for my phone number and not for my address. I then got a confirmation email about my address.

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